Welcome To ASET

ASET is a one-stop shop for all fencing requirements. We provide a wide variety starting from the fabric of the fence – whether it is chain link or welded mesh, to the posts required to support the fabric, with all accessories to last nut and bolt required to install a fence system.

Whatever your needs, whether you’re looking for an elegant and functional fence for your home, or if you’re needing to ensure that your property is as secure as possible, our friendly staff are happy to provide the advice you need. When it comes to improvements on your property, we understand that it is in everyone’s interests to produce options that are within your budget. You’ll find a wide range of quality fences, high quality galvanised fencing accesories and gates to suit every situation. We have the technical and practical expertise to complete their tasks to the highest possible standard and our quality systems and support teams ensure smooth project management.